Our Clients


Product development at UR MindSoft Technologies focuses at providing highly-specialized services to software companies and large enterprise customers. Our services in this area mainly address the following needs

Software product development
Custom application development to bridge the gap between enterprise need and the functionality offered by packaged software.

Application maintenance
UR MindSoft Technlogies expertise spans across industry verticals and technology spectrum. From internet to client/server to wireless applications, we helped customers with innovative product development solutions at reduced costs and increased efficiencies.

Internet Applications
UR MindSoft Technologies provides key capabilities for building internet applications such as e-commerce, transaction processing, database integration, legacy interfaces and dynamic mapping and modeling. We specialize in developing n-tier internet applications using both Java and Microsoft platforms.

Client/Server Applications
UR MindSoft Technologies undertakes client/server application development in all technologies. We always ensure that the applications we build are designed for a possible future migration to the internet and/or wireless platform.

After engaging with you to understand the scope of your outsourced development or maintenance needs, UR MindSoft Technologies can rapidly put together a team of program/project manager, system analysts, system architects, programmers and testers. Further, you can work with your UR MindSoft Technologies program/project manager to put this development team at the locations that most appropriately support your project oversight model and cost improvement tradeoffs.

Given our strength in testing, we bring a rigorous, quality conscious approach to our development and maintenance projects.